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Amali TV 2008 Community Projects




At Amali Productions, Inc., we take pride in collaborating with community-based organizations, as they design programs and projects to improve the quality of lives of the individuals that they serve.  Listed below are our community projects for 2008.  These projects can only become a reality with your support.  Become an Amali Television Network Member today.


Directory of 2008 Projects

Domestic Violence

Apprenticeship/Entrepreneurship Program

Web Design

Free Television Air Time

Free/Discounted Performing Arts

Information/Referral Resource Center


Domestic Violence

Statistics reveal that every twelve seconds here in the United States, one or more women are battered—at home.  Thousands of children also suffer in silence with either no one to tell their story to while many choose not to, often for fear of their own lives.  You can make a difference in their lives by helping us to fund our gospel album.  The album is entitled It's not Over 'til I Win.   This project is done in collaboration with Family Renaissance, Inc.


Apprenticeship/Entrepreneurship Program



This program is designed to engage the youth in activities that will keep them off the streets and teach them life skills.  Currently participants are exposed to the world of business, acquiring necessary business skills and experience.  This project in done in collaboration with Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc.


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Web Design

This project provides free web design and website set up for ATVN members.  Members will be shown how to create/design their own websites, upload data, update and manage website.  This project is  designed to:

expose participants to the technological concepts associated with the internet

   environment. -  provide participants with web designing skills.

provide a source of income for affiliate members.

to provide and develop business skills in participants.

This is an Amali Productions, Inc. project for children and their parents, called Amali Web Biz.  Click here for Amali Web Biz Directory of web site created by these young people.



Free/Discounted Performing Arts

In keeping with our mission to meet the needs of individuals in minority   communities, your ATVN membership enables us to continue to reach out to underprivileged children and their families, affording them the opportunities to be exposed to and to participate in creative and  performing arts programs and related activities.

At a time when cost of living continues to rise and families are forced to make difficult choices that exclude the creative and performing arts from their lives, we seek to find ways to provides this valuable element, enriching the lives of those we serve.

Please take a moment to look at member benefits and sign up for an ATVN membership today.  This program is offered through our Music is Fun performing arts program and community groups like The Rising Stars Theatre Troupe.

Information/Referral Resource Center


Too often members of our community are unable to access goods and services for lack of adequate information and support.  The ATVN member will have access to basic need items, community programs and organizations and referrals to professionals who are able to meet their needs and in the process will be able to improve their quality of life.  Some of these services are offered in collaboration with The Family Companion Card and Redemption Community World Ministries, Inc.




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